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Docker Installation Guide for QNAP NAS


Docker is a virtual container management tool that achieves a single-application isolation effect similar to that of a virtual machine through resource isolation. With Docker, we can easily and quickly run multiple packaged applications, prevent programs from interfering with each other, and avoid the overhead of starting and maintaining virtual machines.

Installing a Docker environment in a QNAP QTS system is a very simple task. Please follow the steps below.


Open App Center and search Container Station.

Note that, some older QNAP NAS models will not be able to search for this application due to the processor not supporting virtualization. If you encounter this situation, please try to upgrade to the latest QTS system or purchase a new NAS.


Install this app.


Select the container folder.

On this page, you can select the folder where your container stored.

Step 4

Manage your Docker containers.

On this page, you can install the docker images that you want. Feel free to follow the other blog posts on this blog for more interesting images.



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